Saturday, June 28, 2008

A "Simple" Outlaw Symbol Interpreted

When it comes to interpreting symbols it can be a pretty daunting task sometimes but every once in a while you come across that one symbol that is simple. So simple in fact, that you think it can’t really be that simple so you try twenty other things first. Then, after you stop kicking yourself in the butt for wasting so much time and messing with your own mind, you actually try the simple interpretation and bingo, there you have it.

The outlaw symbol in the photo posted with this article was one such symbol. The rock is about two feet long and a foot wide and was found at the edge of a ridgeline about half way up the side of a hill. The rock was wedged between two others, laying face up so you could see the carving but the other two stones kept it from going anywhere. If you were standing at the location of the stone and took two steps forward you would have stepped off the side of the hill and on your way through a twenty foot drop.

If instead, you stood at the rock and turned to the left you would see that the ridgeline you were standing next to was the exact shape of the J. It went straight along the side of the hill for about 50 feet and then curved to the left and wrapped around the hill. The dot on this carving represented the location of the next clue. I might also add that the rock the J was carved on is shaped like the hill the rock sits on and was orientated to match the hill. The next clue, another rock buried upright in the ground to be used as a pointer, was found just after the curve of the ridgeline started and about half way between the ridgeline and the base of the hill. Once you knew where to look the next clue was pretty obvious, it was the only rock sticking out of the ground like it had been “planted”.

Of course the next clue took you back towards where you originally started from which was near the base of the hill below the ridgeline where the rock with the J and the dot on it was. There’s nothing like having an outlaw run you around in circles!

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