Friday, November 21, 2008

Civil War Treasure in Tennessee

Just east of Lexington, TN is a small creek known as Owl Creek. On this creek there is supposed to be a large treasure left behind by union troops. The amount of this treasure is said to be one million dollars and the treasure is supposed to consist of gold and silver coins, jewelry, silverware and just about anything of value made out of silver and gold that the Union troops could have plundered. The treasure was supposed to have been accumulated over several weeks of plundering by the troops and once it got to the point of being too cumbersome to move with them they decided to hide it and come back later.

And there you have it, the usual lost treasure story, stolen, hidden and then lost.

I don’t have much information on this one other than I know several people have looked for it. According to stories, the countryside around Owl Creek was littered with holes where people have gone to dig for this treasure. The multitude of holes was supposed to cover an area about 25 acres in size. That’s a BUNCH of holes! There haven’t been any reports of anybody finding anything so maybe it’s still out there.

If you go to look for this one you may want to look a little farther east of Owl Creek. Rumor has it the treasure isn’t where everyone was digging for it but farther outside of town. This would be a good thing because the town has grown a lot and there are now houses that butt up against the west side of Owl Creek.

If it were me, I would look a little farther east, possibly along Harmon Creek. Owl creek is a relatively short creek, only a few miles long and runs perpendicular to Harmon Creek, which is not very far away. The confusion between the two creeks could be easy so it may be that the Union troops buried their ill-gotten loot on one creek and thinking it was the other.

It’s just a suggestion!

Good luck!


Bobby said...

Hey Ron do I need a permit to hunt in these creeks or is anyone allowed to? Live close to this area and wanted to hunt it for a while...

Bobby said...

Hey Ron is anyone allowed to hunt these creeks or do I need a permit of some type? I live close to this area and have wondered.

Ron said...

Hello Bobby and thanks for reading the blog.

To be honest, I don't have any idea about who can or can't hunt the creeks. Your first move would be to find out if any of it (or all of it) is private property. Then it's all about getting permission from the land owners to be on the property and search.

Dirtbanditgrandpa said...

Hey Ron, I've lived in this area for 59 yrs. And what I've always been told is the treasure is Union Plunder hastily dumped down an old well before they left the area. A close cousin of mine used to or maybe his heirs still do own the land adjacent to Owl Creek and an old well on this property has drawn a lot of attention in the past but as far as I know nothing was ever recovered.