Monday, November 24, 2008

Clues Along the Outlaw Trail

As you do more and more fieldwork you will continue to run into an abundance of odd things. Some you will be able to make sense of and others you won’t, at least not at first.

The photo I have posted with this article is one of those things I ran across and had a hard time figuring it out even though once I did figure it out it seemed easy and I was kicking myself in the butt for not figuring it out sooner. (I do that a lot!)

Drill holes have been in use for ages and by many different groups. They can be treasure related or just a hole that somebody with some free time made in a rock. How you use a drill hole can partly be determined by who left it behind. In the case of the drill hole and line in this photo, it was left behind by an outlaw.

It has been my experience that outlaws use drill holes to depict an object. That object can be just about anything including the treasure you are looking for. In most cases that hole either marks a spot in the trail you need to find (if the drill hole is used in a map) or it is the spot on the trail you need to find (if you find a drill hole in a rock at a certain point where the map says there should be something). This may seem a little confusing but if you have a carved map and that map has one or more drill holes in it then each of the drill holes is probably a thing you need to find to work your way along the trail. Even if the drill holes are in a shape such as a square or triangle there will be something on the trail depicting this shape. And by shape I mean three drill holes in the shape of a triangle or four drill holes in the shape of a box, etc.

Back to the photo I posted. This particular drill hole was only one-half inch across and one each deep and it was in a stone that was stuck upright in the ground. This stone was the last clue of my map but I didn’t get any reading with the detector or find an empty hole at this spot.

After trying several different things based on what I thought this could mean I finally hit on the correct interpretation. In this instance, the drill hole was at the half way point along side the carved line and the carved line on the stone was depicting the line I took from the next to the last clue to this, the last clue. Have you figured it out yet?

This simple carving was telling me an “object” was located half way along this line. At this point the simplest thing to do was measure the distance from the last clue to the one just before it and look at the halfway mark. Just off to the left of this line about eight feet was a large rock jutting out of the ground and right in front of it was a good sized empty hole. The hole had been dug many many years ago but you could tell it was man made.

Although someone had beaten me to this one, I was still happy that I had solved the puzzle.

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