Friday, November 28, 2008

One Ton Treasure Found!

Although this one has already been found, there is a good possibility the finders didn’t get it all.

A newspaper article from Akron, Ohio dated 22 March 1905 reports that a man by the name of George Lodge “stumbled upon” a silver bar while walking along the south shore of Silver Lake. Now I wonder where the lake got its name from?

According to the article, a man by the name of Henry Wetmore repeatedly told a story of an Indian encampment that used to be in the area near the lake during the 1800’s. His story said that the Indians, numbering at least 500, left the area in a single night and it is thought that when they left, they left behind a large treasure of silver bars that they “dumped into the lake for safe keeping”.

This story would seem to hold water, so to speak, because once George Lodge stumbled onto that one bar and figured out exactly what it was, he got his brothers to come help him dig around in the same spot and they ended up digging out 26 more bars of silver. The twenty-seven silver bars had an average weight of 100 pounds each! That’s more than a ton of silver that was found in one spot and they didn’t even have a metal detector.

Now there’s the part of this story you should consider. They didn’t have a metal detector. If the area where the bars were found was once under water and then wasn’t, some of the bars could have been deeper than they dug or they could have missed a few bars that were scattered farther out from the pile. If these were actually just “dumped” into the lake there could be several other bars still out there.

What’s the price of silver today?

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