Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Green Men & Gold

OK, I’m just kidding this time, well sort of anyway. I caught some flak on my last article when I threw in the part about the aliens but my intention wasn’t so much to point out that there may be aliens in the same mountain as the gold, well, maybe a little, but that the Indians had an oral history about the giant race and the “flying boats”.

This brings us to what this article is about, in a galaxy far, far away ……..

OK, kidding again, what I meant to say was, other avenues of research. Until the white man came along and screwed up the Indians idyllic life the Indians inhabited most parts of this country. Each tribe had it’s own oral and sometimes even written history, in the form of petroglyphs. A lot of this history has since been told to someone who had the foresight to put it in a book or magazine or just write it down in some type of chronicle.

No matter what kind of treasure you are hunting for there is a fair to good chance the Indians that were living in the area knew something about it. In the case of outlaw treasures the Indians would occasionally be friendly to the outlaws and let them hide out in what was considered Indian territory at the time. The farther back you go and the bigger the incursion into the Indian’s land, lets say something like the Spanish (or giants) then there will probably be more history because it happened on a more wide spread basis and was discussed more among the tribe.

If you happen to be looking for lost mines or placer deposits, very large treasures or even something left behind by the Indians themselves then there is even a better chance of there being a history from the Indians about it.

With any luck you might be able to find something written about a particular tribe in a book or on the Internet that tells of some of their “myths” and “legends”. This is where you have to learn to read between the lines a little and do even more research on a specific myth or legend. Most legends and even myths have some basis in fact so to find a mention of something in the history of a group of people that inhabited that land will be a very good place to start. If nothing else, it may help to verify a story you heard or found from another source.

Some of this information can be found in the Historical Society of a particular state or county in “chronicles” or “historical quarterlies” that were published years and years ago. You may even be able to contact a tribe directly and speak to someone that can tell you where to find their history and if you get really lucky you just might make a friend out of someone that can give you more research material than you could ever imagine.

You can also expect some of the tribe members to be fairly tight lipped about things so you want to make sure you approach them in a historical way and not as a greedy treasure hunter. People in general don’t like greedy treasure hunters!

And watch out for those little gray, err, green men, you never know when you might run into something that Uncle Sam says doesn’t exist.

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