Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Way Out There Treasure? Maybe Not So Much

Here is a story you can choose to believe or not. If you do, and you go looking for this, you just may come across more than you bargained for.

This is another one in California and it is so interesting I just had to write about it. It involves an ancient race, buried treasure, the Rosicrucian Order and possibly even the Masons!

It seems that several thousand years ago, before what history teaches was the dawn of mankind, there was a race of giants, standing as much as 12 feet tall that inhabited the earth. This race, the Lemurians, inhabited a piece of land that was in the Pacific Ocean that butted up to what is now California. The Lemurian empire is said to have lasted for 52,000 years, yes, that is FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND, before being almost completely wiped out by a pole shift about 26,000 years ago.

It seems that the Lemurians were smart enough to know that the pole shift was coming and knew that their continent would soon lay at the bottom of the ocean. (This is not a story of Atlantis, that is a completely different story). In preparation for the pole shift the Lemurians began migrating to the Cascade Mountains of California where they supposedly bored through solid rock to make tunnels and large rooms to store supplies, belongings and to be protected from the effects of the shift.

To make a long story short, it seems their timing was off just a little and instead of the whole civilization getting off the continent of Lemuria, only a few thousand made it to California due to a sudden and apparent earlier than expected shift in the earth’s poles.

OK, I know some of you are sitting out there and your eyes are glazing over but here comes the good part.

Back in 1904 a prospector by the name of J. C. Brown who was working for a company called Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England claimed to have discovered a tunnel in the Cascade Mountains that had been cut through solid rock. Mr. Brown stated that it appeared that the entrance to the tunnel had been covered over but apparently a landslide had uncovered the opening. Mr. Brown took a torch and went into the tunnel following it back to what he described as a large man-made cavern. He said he could see from the light of his torch that the walls of the room were lined with sheets of “tempered copper” and “strange shields hammered from gold hung on the walls”. He also said that in various “niches within the cavern” he saw several “unusual artifacts and statues”. In other rooms that connected with the large cavern Mr. Brown said he found “strange drawings and undecipherable hieroglyphs” and the “bones of people who had apparently belonged to some sort of giant race”.

Mr. Brown didn’t want his employer to take credit for and claim the find so he failed to mention it to them while in their employ. He did however draw himself a map and 30 years later got a group of several men together, some say as many as eighty, and made an attempt to relocate this cave.

The group made the hike into the Cascade Mountains and on the night before making the final walk to the cave Mr. Brown disappeared. He was there when everyone went to sleep that night but he was gone in the morning and nobody ever saw him again.

The sheriff was called in to investigate but they couldn’t determine if Mr. Brown had left on his own or if foul play was involved. Mr. Brown had no reason to disappear; he hadn’t taken any money from anyone and didn’t appear to be running any type of scam. No body was found and he was never heard from or found. Apparently his map went missing with him.

The tunnel leading to the large cavern filled with gold and artifacts was never found.

I should point out that there has been more than one skeleton of a “giant race” found in different parts of the southwest and the evidence for the existence of the Lemurians goes back millennia. This is a subject that requires a lot of research but the research on the treasure story part won’t be so difficult.

It is thought that the cavern filled with gold and artifacts may be on Mount Shasta in the Cascade Range.

Oh and I might mention that the local Indians had ancient legends of “flying boats” coming from the top of Mount Shasta and they have an oral history of a “super-race” that inhabited the mountains.

In 1930, at the ripe old age of 108, Chief Potentio of the Cahuilla Tribe told a story about the “silver ships that came and went from the highest point of the mountain”.

Did I mention UFO’s at the start of the article? Aliens and gold, how cool is that? And just to round out the whole “strange” theme here, If I'm not mistaken the Cascade Mountain Range is also believed to be the home of the Yeti.

How’s that for “sentinels” watching over a treasure!

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