Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stuff for sale

I thought I'd make a stuff for sale page that our readers can put here on the blog. The only thing I ask is that the items be related to treasure or treasure hunting in some manner. Just e-mail me at and I can post it here on the blog. To kick things off I'm going to make a package of items that don't come along very often. This is a package deal, but for the right price I'll sell the items seperate. To keep the article small enough for the blog I will use JJ for Jesse James.

2 original 1930's Joe Hunter topo maps for counties in Oklahoma. These have markings of sites on them that he was hunting. 1 original Joe Hunter Texas topo map that has no markings. 2 *copies* of Joe Hunter Texas topo maps with markings. These 2 go to counties in the Texas Panhandle. I haven't hunted for what or why the maps were marked. This will be for the buyer to figure out.

25 original copies of the 1948 JJ Rides Again, *rare* copy of JJ and the Lost Cause signed and inscribed by JJ III, *rare*1882 copy of The James and Younger Brothers, autographed copy JJ "The Outlaw" - Henry J Walker, autographed copy I JJ - James R Ross, JJ My Father - JJ Jr, *rare* This was Frank James - Vaughn & Snow, JJ - John Ernst, The many Faces of JJ- Phillip Steele, JJ was His Name - Settle, My JJ Story - Joe Wood, The Truth about JJ - Rudy Turilli, The Truth about JJ - Phyllis Argill, JJ the Mn and the Myth- Marley Brant, Outlaws - Brant, Jesse and Frank James: The Family History - Steele, In the Shadow of JJ - Stella James, The Life, Times & Treacherous Death of JJ - Frank Triplett, The Great Cole Younger & Frank James Historical Wild West Show - John Koblas, He Walked Like a Cat - Patrick Brophy, Search Magazine visit with JJ, Bob Ford was His Name JJ was His Game - Sybil Montana.

Quantrill's Raiders in Texas - autographed Evault Boswell, 1923 copy A True Story of Chas. W Quantrell & His Guerilla Band - J.P. Burch, Butch Cassidy, My Brother - Beteson Flack, 1930 Coronado's Children - J Frank Dobie, A Portrait of Pancho - autographed Winston Bode, Jan. 1928, oct. 1936, July 1935 reprint Frontier Times, Treasure Hunters Newsletter Vol. 1 #1 -Vol. 2 #2, National Treasure Hunters League Vol. 1 #2 & #3, Vol. 2 #1.

Where to Find treasure - Dick Stout, Of Men and Gold - Shaffer, Treasure Trails Vol.1- Jim Price, Unfound Treasures of Mexico - Treasure signs, Symbols, Shadow & Sun Signs - Spanish Monuments & Trail Markers to Treasure in the United States - Kenworthy, Historical Atlas of the Outlaw West - Richard Patterson, Oklahoma Treasures and Treasure tales - Steve Wilson, The Spider Rock Treasure - Wilson.

Carl W. Breihan books- The Complete and Authentic Life of JJ (autographed), The Day JJ was Killed, Quantrill and his Civil War Guerillas, The Killer Legions of Quantrill, The Bandit Belle, Billy the Kid, The Man who Shot JJ (autographed) with two letters from Breihan, The Escapades of Frank and Jesse James.

Aprox. 80 copies of 1870's survey plats of Oklahoma, Pinkerton's Gallery James Boys belt buckle, misc. 1960's and 70's treasure magazines. $5000 for the lot. Joe's topo maps may lead you to many times that alone.

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