Monday, August 17, 2009

Finding help finding treasure

Anyone reading this article knows that in today’s world finding information about treasure hunting or finding somebody that might have information is a whole lot easier than it was when I started treasure hunting. That was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. OK, I was in Oklahoma but it was still a long, long time ago!

Even though it is easier to find the information, finding people with legitimate information willing to help the “average Joe” is still almost as hard as it used to be. There are professional treasure hunters that won’t tell you anything unless you have been introduced to them by someone with “access” and even then they won’t tell you much unless you are very lucky. I can say that I have been lucky enough to meet several treasure hunters willing to share information with me and one has been extremely helpful in teaching me how to hunt outlaw and Spanish treasure. Now, mind you, the fine fellows aren’t giving up all of their secrets and some of what I get is like pulling teeth but they do help.

I think the operative word is “help”. The treasure hunters that I know that are good at what they do will make you work for that information so that you learn and not just take the information for granted. If you are not willing to learn, the old timers just aren’t going to mess with you. They aren’t looking to make somebody else rich, especially someone that doesn‘t even want to try to do it themselves. If the old timers are helping you it’s because they want to teach you some of their secrets.

James started this blog for the purpose of helping other treasure hunters and hopefully cutting through a lot of the BS about treasure hunting. I was asked to chime in on occasional and I apparently took that to heart because now I just can’t stop myself.

We have strived to bring you the information that we can to help you in your hunts and we have tried to entertain you along the way. We have also answered many e-mails from people looking for help on interpreting signs and symbols and we have done so without hesitation. There are so many treasures still out there waiting to be found. If they aren’t found soon they may never be found except by accident as the signs and symbols are quickly being lost to time and “progress“. There is plenty of treasure to go around and sharing information is what we have decided is the best thing for our readers.

I guess we are trying to add to our Karma banks a little as I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around.

Keep in mind that we don’t have all of the answers, far from it, and there are a few secrets we are still keeping to ourselves but we do like to try to help everyone that asks and we do so as a way to pass on information that is rapidly disappearing from the knowledge base. We are all getting older and we can’t take it with us you know!

James and his lovely wife Amy have been working hard the last few years to put on an event that any and all treasure hunters (or even those just interested in treasure hunting) can come to and exchange ideas at. I believe that there is more good information passed along at these meetings than you will ever find in any book.

I would encourage all of our readers to help their fellow treasure hunters when they can. I’m not saying to give up your sites or maps or that glory hole that brings you gold nuggets every weekend but what I am saying is that by sharing an interpretation of a sign or symbol or a theory about how something might or does work you may be helping to solve a mystery that may otherwise go unsolved. Karma people, Karma!

You are probably wondering what brought on this diatribe. I recently read something by another treasure hunter who told someone looking for help that he would have to read his next book to learn what he wanted to know. I’m all for making a buck, especially in this economy and I understand not wanting to just give away your “secrets” but come on, if you’re not going to help someone then fine, but don’t advertise your next book at the same time. Maybe it’s just me but I think that is a little insulting. If you don’t want to help just tell them so and move on instead of; Oh, by the way, you should buy my next book. Paleeeeeeze!

I apologize for the personal use of the blog to rant and rave a little. Every once in a while I just get a little burned at the way people can be.

Treasure hunting for most of us is a hobby and it is meant to be enjoyed. Because we are looking for treasure the nature of the hobby requires some secrecy, even if it’s just for our own safety. With that being said, I’m not sure I completely understand the lack of help on the part of many treasure hunters. Some of the old timers will tell you it’s because they spent a lifetime learning and collecting the information and they don’t want to give it away. Personally, I would hate to die and take all of my knowledge to the grave. There may be a few secrets I keep about where a site or two are and what I’ve done on a few maps that aren’t solved yet so my grandson will have something to work on but that’s about it. Hmmmmmm, Maybe I will write a book in a few years and put all of my information in it if I haven’t already put it on the blog by then. :~)

A little bit of greed can be a good thing but too much greed makes you unhappy and generally unpleasant to other people.

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