Thursday, August 20, 2009

K.G.C. Conspiracy Theorists Unite!

If you have been treasure hunting or even had an interest in treasure hunting in the last five years then undoubtedly you have heard of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Just about everyone has talked about it sometime in the last few years. Some people try to convince others of the “reality” of the mega-depositories and the rest of us just give you a hard time about those alleged “depositories”. It’s the circle of life!

Well here’s a heads up to those of you that believe in the conspiracy of the K.G.C. and their alleged connection to the Masons. Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code is releasing his new book on 15 September 2009 which is titled “The Lost Symbol” and it has to do with a conspiracy concerning Freemasonry. I can hear the wheels spinning now, some of you are going straight to after reading this to pre-order your copy.

The story line has been a very tightly kept secret but if it’s any kind of hint at all the working title of the book was “The Solomon Key” before it was changed to it’s present title.

According to Dan Brown himself, he spent five years researching this book, Brown said the novel is "set deep within the oldest fraternity in history -- the enigmatic brotherhood of the Masons," and will explore "the hidden history of our nation's capital" so it ought to be filled with all kinds of information that will find it’s way into K.G.C. lore, true or not.

The book finds the intrepid hero Robert Langdon running around Washington, D.C. chasing a conspiracy dealing with the freemasons and a ciphered pictogram from a talisman.

Just in case you are wondering, more than likely there WILL be a movie version of this book. Sony Pictures owns the exclusive rights to the character of Robert Langdon. They don’t own the movie rights to this book yet but since it has the same hero there seems to be little doubt that Dan Brown will sell the movies rights fairly quickly, especially since the publisher has ordered an unprecedented five million copies for the first run.

For those of you that prefer instant gratification they are also going to release the E-Book on the same day the hard copy is released.

I expect to see lots of new clues to the K.G.C. depositories springing up after this book is released and there will be even more clues to follow. I can hardly wait! (For those of you that haven’t been paying attention the last couple of years, that was meant to be sarcastic.)

I think I’ll just wait for the movie!

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