Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Ghost Town Nobody has Heard of

What’s that you say? That’s why they call them ghost towns? I thought of that but there are generally several references if not tons of references about the different ghost towns you find or hear about. The ghost town in this article seems to truly be a ghost.

About eleven miles east of Chickasha, Oklahoma is supposed to be the location of what once was a town. The town was called Naples, Oklahoma and other than one very short mention of it, I can’t find any information about the town itself.

The one tiny piece of information I did come across mentions a “haunted house” and buried treasure, all in the same sentence. For some reason this grabbed my attention.

Because of the lack of information this article will be short and not very informative. I thought I would challenge our readers to see if they could find any more information about this little non-existent town.

The story says that there is a buried treasure located on the property of a “mysterious haunted house”. The treasure is supposed to be buried on a creek near or at the location of Naples, OK. There isn’t any other information about what the treasure is, who put it there and where “there” is. How’s that for a hint about treasure?

If you get out your topographical maps you will find a township area called Naples eleven miles east of Chickasha but no actual town. You would expect this since Naples is a GHOST town! The most prominent creeks in this area are the East and West Winter Creeks. There are several other small, unnamed creeks in this area but it would seem that the larger creeks might be the place to start. If you are looking closely you will find the Naples Cemetery. And if you’re not looking closely check out the photo with this article and you will see it on the topographical map. You will also see that the cemetery is less than a quarter of a mile from East Winter Creek. (Always happy to help when I can! )

I will be extremely impressed if someone can come up with more information about this town and the buried treasure. I am assuming (something that isn’t a smart thing to do) that the buried treasure has to do with the death of whoever buried it and that is why the “mysterious” house is/was haunted. If the house isn’t there any more do you think the spot where the treasure is is still haunted? Sorry, just thinking out loud.

Even if you don’t find any information about the haunted buried treasure you may find a really good place to swing the detector since ghost towns can have a bonanza of artifacts and coins left over from days gone by.

Let us know if you come up with anything on this. Good luck!


Frank Hayslip said...

Naples is located at: Sec. 8, T-6N, R-5W. There is a small creek Northwest of this town site that runs into West Winter Creek. This may be the creek you're talking about. I hunt a lot of ghost town but I've never hunted this one. I've never heard of this treasure, but it does sound interesting. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

The post office for Naples, OK. was in the Chickasaw area. Started operation on 5 May 1890, postmaster Mrs Ellen S Chilton. Did not operate during the period 20 June 1892 to 23 May 1894.

Samantha Collins said...

Township of Naples Ok is a Civil Administrative division of Grady Co. Oklahoma. looking up this info. also pulls up the Naples Cemetery and interactive maps of the surrounding areas. I live very near this location and am interested in looking into this treasure. There is a little Gas station just 3 miles east of my house and the name of it is Naples Trading Post.