Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A few days ago I was advised to take a look at a post made on a well known treasure hunters blogsite, as it was thought to pertain to me. I won't mention this treasure hunters name or blogsite, since what I found was a post with no useful information and words that were insinuating, if not a bit slanderous.

If you happen to come across this blogsite you will notice how it contrasts with this one. On that blogsite you will find very little useful information, but many promises of future explanations of treasure maps and sites. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this to come about, but his post did motivate me to update our readers about a book I've been working on for the past several years.

This book deals with Joe Hunter, who was a fairly famous Oklahoma treasure hunter who had ties with J. Frank Dalton. Several times I thought I had completed my work only to have information fall into my lap that has changed the course and scope of the book. This last bit of information I have uncovered is no different and has been cause for me to delay publishing while I investigate further. I believe when all is said and done we can nail the coffin shut on Dalton being Jesse James. In 1948 one of the greatest scams was perpetrated by Joe Hunter, his partners, J. Frank Dalton, and Orvus Lee Houk. The trail is like a spiders web and has taken a great deal of time to unravel and sort out. I doubt that we will ever answer all the questions there are about Dalton, but you can rest assured he wasn't Jesse.

I have been able to gather possibly more information about Hunter than any person living. Much of this will be in the book to include never before published photos. My hopes are to have the book published in time for our next treasure hunter get together.

For those waiting on the book please be patient as I'm working full time and raising a family. I want the book to be the best it can with as much well researched information as I can give. For the other blogster all I can say is that there will be nothing in my book that will plagiarize anything in the book you are writing. My book is well researched and truthful, so I have no need for anything you may have written.

For our readers I thank you for your continued support and praise. Ron has done a fine job of bringing you useful and interesting stories and information. May God bless you and our nation.

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