Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Silver doll and lead plates found in Oklahoma

We had a reader send in a comment wanting to know if we had a photo of the silver doll that was found in Oklahoma in conjunction with "Lost Canyon" and if the story about the lead plates is true. I posted a story about this in May of this year on the blog.

To answer those questions simply, no and yes. To my knowledge there is not a photo of the silver doll available. There are some photos of the lead plates, and I call them plates when in reality they are rectangles, however I cannot share any photos of the lead plates because they are currently being used by a friend of mine trying to solve the treasure mystery.

Lost Canyon does exist and if I remember correctly it is not a very big "canyon". The story says the canyon is about three miles east of Comanche Lake however it is more likely it is northeast instead of due east based on the terrain in the area.

I have not been there myself so that is the closest I can get you at this time. I apologize for not being able to share photos of the lead plates however I can't infringe on another treasure hunters spot without their permission and I know having the plates or even having photos of the plates could put a treasure hunter ahead of the game. I beleive Okie has more on these lead plates and will post something on them soon.

I may be able to come up with some additional information about the location of Lost Canyon and if I do I will post a little blurb about it so you will know.

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