Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jesse James Rides Again

Those who read what I post on the treasure forums already know that I don't believe J Frank Dalton was really Jesse James. There is just too much information that would prove he was just another imposter. With all that said, he did pull off one of the greatest hoaxes I have ever seen. To this day some people still believe he was really Jesse.

My partners and I acquired original 1948 copies of Jesse James Rides Again. These booklets came from the estate of one of the authors. This is the first published book detailing J Frank Daltons story. Frank Hall and lindsey Whitten broke the story to the world on May 19th 1948 in the Lawton Constitution. The story gained the attention of the nation.

The book is eight chapters and 48 pages long. It has a number of pictures including one picture that shows Dalton's left hand and a black fingernail that is supposed to be proof he was Jesse. It also shows the famous brass bucket with it's outlaw contract.

While I doubt this book or any other information that came from Dalton or Howk will help you find treasure, it still is an interesting book to read. We have a large number of these books left that we are selling for $20 and that price now includes the shipping. Many of these copies are like new. If you're interested in a copy you can e-mail me at for details. I'm constantly researching information concerning this great saga, so look for future postings concerning Dalton/Howk.

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