Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Power of the Mind Part 1

There will be some of you that will think I have lost my mind, thinking that I am rambling on about some new age psycho-babble but please bear with me just a little. I’m sure many of you are looking at your computer screen and wondering just what in the world does the power of the mind have to do with treasure hunting? Well, since you asked, let me tell you.

Being a success at treasure hunting, and almost anything else takes perseverance, determination and a belief in our selves and the belief that we can succeed. There are a lot of people that get into treasure hunting because they think it is a way to get rich quick and when it doesn’t work out that way they move onto something else. Those of us that have continued hunting, even after many disappointments and frustration have the belief that treasure is out there and that we can solve the puzzle to find it. Keeping this belief strong in our minds is one of the things that helps us find and correctly interpret treasure signs. It’s called “passion”. Without it you’re just another person wondering around in the woods.

Almost all of us have been walking in the field and for some reason have felt compelled to go look in a specific area and when we got there found something of importance. If you haven’t, then this may be even harder for you to grasp. I have told several people that treasure hunt that if you trust your gut, then stick with your gut. When it comes to “reading” symbols or clues it’s all about interpretation and part of interpretation is listening to that little voice in your head. Now if you happen to have several little voices in your head then interpreting treasure signs may be the least of your worries.

With all of the stress of everyday life most of us look forward to getting outside and hunting for treasure. It gives us a chance to forget about the other things going on in the world, at least for a few hours or even days if we are lucky. If you don’t clear your mind of the every day things then you can’t concentrate on what you are doing and won’t be able to “tune in” to the information that is out there. I know you think that concentrating on what you are doing and having a clear mind are one in the same but it usually doesn’t work that way. Concentrating is what you do when you are walking on a very thin ledge high above the ground, trying not to have a really bad day. Clearing your mind is more of a meditative thing.

One of the best pieces of information I was ever taught, and I have heard it from more than one successful treasure hunter is this; when you are at a treasure site and you get stumped, sit down and relax, take a few deep breaths, have a drink of water and just look out over the area. You will see things you haven’t seen before and there will be areas that you will be drawn to. While you are sitting there relaxed, take the time to think like an outlaw or Spaniard or who ever it was that put down the treasure you are looking for. Think about where you would have left a marker or the treasure. Take time to understand the circumstances of how the treasure came to be hidden in the first place. Think about why the group that hid the treasure picked that spot and what are the ways in and out of the area.

All of this may sound like a waste of time to some of you but I guarantee it will work. It has for me time and time again. When you get frustrated at a site it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath and get back to the basics.

Here’s a little more new aged psycho-babble for you, POSITIVE THINKING. Positive thinking is one of the hardest things to teach people because most people don’t think that the mind has any control over the circumstances that surround us. Most of you have probably heard that like attracts like, therefore if you think negatively then the negative energy of life will be what you attract, if you think positive then positive things will begin to happen.

Let me step outside the box just a little further as I end Part One and mention Karma. As treasure hunters we are all just a little paranoid, I think it comes naturally, but every once in a while we find ourselves wanting or needing help. Who we trust and why is part of those gut feelings but when we get screwed by someone, and it will happen, we normally have little recourse. Although it might not help much at the very moment we realized we have been screwed, Karma, in my opinion, is the thing that keeps the world in balance. There are times we can’t control what is going to happen and there are times that we can. The more you treasure hunt the more people you will meet and eventually, if you are a decent person, you will find yourself getting tips or giving tips on treasure hunting. What goes around comes around and it usually happens when you least expect it and I always prefer good things to happen to me instead of bad. That’s one of the reasons I like posting articles on this blog. I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me by Okie and I am trying to share some knowledge with other treasure hunters, helping my Karma bank account along the way. Something everybody should consider.

This article was meant to set you up for the second part of mind power in treasure hunting, which is about dowsing. I will be posting the second part in a few days but I wanted to get your minds ready and open to something different.

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proberod said...

Ok folks this is one of the best places on the net to get good honest clear concise information regarding treasure and treasure hunting sites and how to interprete the information you may find in the field or from your research there is no bull$!#% from the posts on this site thanks to alec and okie many thanks to the both of you and for being my friends after a ride to hospital in blank state of mind physically and mentally last week I am back to having clear thoughts. THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU AGAIN !!! proberod