Friday, February 22, 2008

Treasure Found 2

There is still plenty of treasure out there for us to find, so don't despair. Here are just a few more examples of what is out there hidden away waiting on a lucky person to come along.

Tom Chewning from Missouri found a treasure he said he had seen in a dream. He found 1400 Spanish gold and silver coins in the corner of his field just like in his dream. The coins were dated from 1775 to 1802. He had told his neighbor's about his dream long before he made his find. They had thought he may have been losing his mind, but I guess he proved them wrong.

1932, New Providence Island, Bahama - A fisherman found five gold bars hidden beneath a wild palm tree in rocks bearing strange symbols. These markings resembled Masonic symbols.

1948, Oklahoma - Joe Hunter and partner unearthed a wash tub with 65 pounds of silver ore hidden inside. Joe was a well known Oklahoma treasure hunter and met with some success. The nuggets seemed to be a combination of lime, ash, and silver ore.

1927, Austin Texas - Spanish gold was supposedly found in Johnson Creek within city limits.

1933, Southern Miss. - Forrest Lea unearthed a chest containing Spanish gold coins, jewelry, and a gold pocket knife. According to legend a previous land owner had hidden his wealth in five locations for safe keeping until the Civil War ended. Thieves stole a map to the hidden goods and dug up three of the caches. This would leave one more for an interested treasure hunter to find.

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