Monday, February 11, 2008

Treasure Found

We all have dreams of finding that pot of gold, but after some time that dream can fade. I decided to write an article telling of peoples lucky finds from years past. Hopefully this will encourage everyone to keep searching for their own treasures.

In 1904 $15,000 was found near the home of John Fleet. He had a farm near Verona Ky. Mr Fleet had a reputation of being a miser and before he died he confided to a man named Griffith and a servant named "Aunt Cass" that he had hidden 9 quart jars, each containing gold and silver, around the house. These contained $13,000 in gold and $2000 in silver and paper money. Those searching for the money were unable to locate two of the jars and government bonds spoken of in Mr Fleets will.

1922, Duquoin, Ill. William Newton, a wealthy Jefferson County farmer, had withdrawn $10,000 shortly before his death. The money was found in his barn. Mice had chewed some of the $50 and $100 bills up for a nest.

1888 . A farmer was walking along a road 14 miles northeast of Sulphur Springs Texas and found a pot of gold that recent rains had washed up. The pot contained $18,000 in gold coins and was thought to have been hidden by Missouri Guerillas who had turned to robbery after the Civil War. Nearby was a tree with a spike driven into it pointing to the location of the pot.

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