Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As with most things I write about I am no expert and when it comes to Pancho Villa, there will be a lot of people that know more about this than me. With that said, I found a couple of interesting stories that caught my attention about this man and his alleged treasures.

Because the President of Mexico could not contain Pancho Villa he decided to give him the State of Durango in Mexico and five million pesos a year to keep him appeased and stop his bandit activities. Pancho Villa apparently amassed a fortune over the years, thanks to El Presidente and his own looting and it is said that he hid this fortune in the floor of a cave in the Sierra Madre Mountains in northern Mexico.

This particular fortune is supposed to consist of “stacks upon stacks of gold bars along with bag after bag of American and Mexican coins” totaling a whopping 90 million dollars. Maybe Pancho Villa was a member of the KGC! Just kidding!

Pancho Villa allegedly took this huge fortune of gold bars and coins into the Sierra Madres on wagons with his trusted officers and some “peons”. Once the treasure was safely hidden away in the cave Pancho Villa killed everyone in the group and returned back to his camp alone. Just how many officers would he have to shoot before the others caught on to what was going on?

Somebody returned the favor in 1923 when Pancho Villa was assassinated, never able to spend that massive fortune of gold.

It is said that this treasure could be in a cave at the headwaters of the Rio Presidio River near the village of Tepuxtla in Mexico.

A second huge treasure associated with PanchoVilla is supposed to consist of 122 silver bars that were liberated from a train by Pancho and his men. The train was attacked near Chavarria and as they were making their escape they were attacked by government troops at San Andres. Pancho and his men supposedly escaped the government troops during the night but not before burying the silver bars and one of their dead comrades. This all happened “on the road to Bachiniva”. So somewhere around Bachiniva, Mexico lies an unmarked grave with one set of bones and one hundred and twenty-two silver bars.

If you are the adventurous type and don’t mind dodging the drug smugglers, the unscrupulous military and the crooked government these could be the treasures just for you!

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