Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arkansas Treasure

In the fall of 1921 Anthony Fenninger stumbled over a stone covered with carvings while squirrel hunting near Eden's Bluff in the White River country. The stone was found across the river from the bluff.

Supposedly around 1900 the Spanish Government made an exhaustive search in the area for gold hidden more than 150 years before by a party of settlers. The search was eventually called off.

In 1911 a group of locals were reported to have uncovered a tunnel but the search was abandoned after one of the members was killed in a landslide. The Ozark Mountains in Arkansas still hide this hidden cache and for those willing to do the research I'm sure more information is still out there to be found.

Fayetteville Arkansas - Around 1904 a lady from Mexico came into the area searching for gold that was hidden during the Civil War. She had a map in her possession. The map was on parchment and those who had seen the map thought that the gold was buried near Cane Hill. The gold was supposed to be of Spanish or Mexican origin.

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