Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Templars and Hawaii?

For a lot of us right now it is cold and snowy outside and although I do most of my treasure hunting during the winter it doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about a tropical island every now and then. That brings us to this article; this one is for the conspiracy theorists in the crowd that like to research the Knights Templar. This would probably even include those that search for the KGC mega-bucks treasures.

Let’s see, tropical islands, oh yea, Hawaii! The state of Hawaii consists of several islands, most of which are inundated with tourists. There is one privately owned island within the chain that is known as the “Forbidden Island” because the owners of the island have steadfastly refused to allow anyone on the island, at least until recently. Now, if you have enough money and make your reservation well in advance you can be one of the few that is allowed on the island for a day, one day only and while being escorted, to scuba dive or hunt. This island’s real name is Ni’Ihau (pronounced nee-ee-how).

Ni’Ihau has no running water or electricity except for a few generators and the island only has about 160 full time residents. The family that owns the island will only allow individuals of Hawaiian ancestry to live on the island and until recently wouldn’t allow any visitors to the island, even family members of those living there.

I know you are wondering what this has to do with the Knights Templar. Those of you familiar with the Templars will recognize the name of “Sinclair”. Back in 1864 the Scottish Sinclair family, Elizabeth Sinclair to be exact, bought the island of Ni’Ihau from King Kamehameha V for $10,000 and they have never done anything with it. They also bought 51,000 acres of land on the island of Kaua’i which they still own to this day. The land has been handed down through the family for generations and is now owned by the Robinsons who are descendants of the Sinclairs.

The island of Ni’Ihau is estimated to be worth well over one billion dollars today, and yes, that is with a B but the family refuses to sell it or allow any growth on the island to turn it into a money making venture.

This would beg the question, why would you have an island that your family has owned for generations that is worth billions in development and not do anything with it? A Hawaiian island no less! Since you are descendants of the Sinclairs, would it have anything to do with the Templars and maybe something that is hidden or stored on the island?

The island itself is 18 miles long and 5 miles wide and is considered a somewhat barren land with very little rainfall.

Have I peeked anybody’s interest yet? I didn’t do a lot or research on this one but I found it interesting that the Scottish Sinclair family bought an island and have refused to allow anybody on it for more than 140 years. Maybe some of the missing Templar treasure is on this island or, maybe the family is just nuts.

Those of you interested in conspiracies should jump all over this one. Good luck and if you need help searching the island and want to pay for my airfare to Hawaii I will gladly help on this one! (I really like to fly First Class when I go but I'm worth it!)

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Roy Wilkerson Jr said...

There is a small write up in the Jan. issue of Men's Journal about this island. It states that the island, although privately owned, is inhabited by "150 locals that still hunt with ropes and knives, fish with spears and nets, and speak the native Hawaiian language." I find it amazing that there are still parts of American like this. Prices to visit? $365 per person for a half-day trip and $1,750 for an all-day hunting excursion. Over night stays are prohibited.