Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rocky Face Mountain, Georgia

Here is a very short article about an unbelievable treasure.

Somewhere on Rocky Face Mountain near Keith, Georgia is a cave full of gold bars. Now these aren’t supposed to be your ordinary old gold bars. We are talking about one thousand gold bars, each SIX feet long! These would probably weigh a ton or more each depending on how wide and deep they are.

The story says that in 1890 a man, whose name was not mentioned, found a cave on Rocky Face Mountain with the gold bars in it. He apparently took the time to count and measure the bars but he didn’t take very good notes on how to find the cave again.

The gold bars were too big for him to move by himself so he went to town to get some help. Of course you know the rest of the story here, he couldn’t find the cave again and this massive treasure was lost once again to the countryside.

Now I don’t know who would have made six foot long gold bars and I sure don’t know how they would have moved them into a cave, especially if it was on the side of a mountain but if you live in Georgia and want to check this out you can probably find more about it in the local paper of the time.

And send us a photo of one of those six-foot long gold bars if you find them. We won’t tell anybody, honest!

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