Friday, March 6, 2009

Geronimo and the Skull and Bones

June 1829 Goyathlay was born into the Bedonkohe band of the Apache near Turkey Creek in New Mexico. History knows this great warrior as Geronimo. This name was given to him by Mexican soldiers.

Geronimo married into the Chiricahua Apache Band and went on to become a great leader of this band. It wasn't until September 1886 that he surrendered to General Miles in Skeleton Canyon Arizona. He was moved to Fort sill, Ok. in 1894. He passed away in February 1909 and this is where our story begins.

If legend holds true there were six members of the Yale secret society know as the Skull and Bones who were serving as volunteers at Ft. Sill during World War 1. Among these men was Prescott Bush. Yes, the same lineage as our two former presidents who were also Skull and Bones men as well.

It seems that these young men wanted to take a few souvenirs back home when their time at Fort Sill was over. What better prize than the skull of such a great warrior as Geronimo! Legend says they stole Geronimo's skull, femur bones, and a prized silver bridle.

The only problem here is that at the time Geronimo's grave site wasn't marked. This was done at a later time. Two elder Apache women were used to verify the grave. Rumors have since ran rampant about grave robbery and even a lawsuit or two have been filed.

The story doesn't end here though. We wouldn't be good treasure hunters if we couldn't add a twist to the story. This last bit of information comes from a good friend of mine. Ray got his information from a man named Wells Blevins who got his information from local Native Americans. The wife of Wells was herself a Native American and alive during the time of Geronimo. What's the twist? Geronimo isn't buried where his current grave site is located. It seems that he was moved to another location. He was also supposed to be buried with a large silver buckle.

The odds on verifying this story are slim to none since getting permission from Ft. Sill to search for the new grave site would be near impossible. Thus, history loses again. Do I have an idea of where the new site is? Of course I do, so if anyone out there has the kind of pull it takes to get all of the legal paperwork in order to find Geronimo contact us.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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