Sunday, March 15, 2009

Treasure Found?

I know I am going to regret putting this on the blog but I guess I’m just feeling sorry for the KGC hunters out there. It’s been a cold and dreary winter and I wanted to cheer you guys (and gals) up a little. Ain’t I nice?

Back in 1977 there were rumors floating around about a large stash of old cash that was found in New Mexico. The money was described as being U.S. currency from the Civil War that had been a part of the Confederate Treasury. It was said that the money was “worth” $100,000 but I don’t know if that was the face value or the numismatic value of the bills.

Now we can get into several discussions here about why the South would have had U.S. currency and not Southern currency or even “hard” currency such as gold or silver. We could discuss why it was in New Mexico and where that much cash would have come from and on and on and on but for the sake of this story, we won’t. I’m sure that will make some of you very happy!

I will also say that I haven’t been able to verify this story in any way but that in itself doesn’t prove it’s validity since treasure hunters rarely give out information on such things. I would also wonder what kind of condition paper money would be in after being buried for 100 years but as you know, I’m a skeptic so I have to ask these questions.

OK, back to the story, this stash of cash was supposedly found in Hidalgo County in the Chiricahua Mountains along the New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico borders. The story relates that the cash was being moved from Texas to California after the Civil War by none other than the Knights of the Golden Circle but for some unknown reason they decided to hide the cash in the Chiricahua Mountains and not continue on to California as planned.

Just as with most alleged KGC caches, there are more questions than answers. This is all of the information I have on this treasure and I can’t really say that there is enough information to draw a real conclusion about the treasure.

A better story of treasure found would be that of a cave filled with Spanish gold coins that was located in the same area.

Back in 1973 there were rumors of this gold being found by treasure hunters. The treasure was described as “Spanish gold coins piled knee deep” in a cave located along the “exact” border of New Mexico and Mexico.

The cave was found once before by an old Apache Indian in the 1950’s who had removed several hundred of the gold coins from the cave before he died unexpectedly in an automobile accident.

The treasure hunters who located the cave in 1973 may have been using some of the information from the old Apache’s family to relocate the cave.

KGC or Spanish or maybe even something else, it would seem that occasionally, somebody is digging up some treasure. With any luck, one of these days we will all be able to add our names to the list of treasure finders. You know that list, the one that doesn’t really exist and the one we really wouldn’t want our names on for everybody to see but we would still like to be added to it.


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