Sunday, March 22, 2009

Outlaw Markers, Part I

I thought I would post some photos of different outlaw markers I have come across in my searches instead of writing an article. I will do this in a few different posts to show the different kinds of things you can run into when working an outlaw map. Some of these had actuall meaning such as pointing me in a direction and others were simply saying "you are here" when following the map. These are by no means the only types of clues/markers you will find. Outlaws were pretty slick with some of their ideas on what to use for markers.

This "hole" is a simple "you are here" marker along the trail.
This upright rock marked a spot along the trail and also gave you a line to follow by using the upright edge as a line. Of course you had two different directions you could go but the map gave additional information that indicated I should take the uphill direction.
Another upright rock ( I have run into several of these in my searches for outlaw loot). This one is about two inches thick and acted as a "you are here" marker. This one did not give any additional information and the direction to go from this one was in the map.

This one is a very obvious pointer. At this spot you would go in the direction of the big point. Since this direction is somewhat subjective, meaning you cannot get an exact compass heading from this type of point, the distance traveled from this clue to the next was fairly short in distance, about 40 feet.

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