Sunday, March 29, 2009

Outlaw Markers Part IV

Here are the final two photos in this series. These two markers were only about twenty feet apart and were meant to be worked together but you really had to have your thinking cap on to figure this one out. Something I occasionally forget to bring.

This first marker would appear to be fairly obvious. The carved map indicated I would find a circle that I should take a straight line from. When I first saw this drill hole in the rock with the straight edges on the left and the bottom it seemed obvious to me that I would take my line off of one of these two edges. This turned out to be a big mistake on my part and I spent the next two months trying to figure out why.

The cirlce and straight line that was on the carved map turned out to be this rock. This particualr rock is about one foot in diameter and about two inches thick. There is only one straight edge on the entire rock (on the upper left side) and it turned out this was what I should take my straight line off of. How did I find this rock?
That was the trick in this equation. A really sneaky trick I might add! If you look back at the first rock with the drill hole in it, pay attention to the shape of the rock. That particular rock was located on the side of a small hill. The rock was shaped exactly like the side of the hill I was looking at.
When you stood on this hill at the location of the rock with the drill hole in it all you could see was one specific part of the hill and that part of the hill was shaped like the drill hole rock with the left edge of the rock being the starting point.
This drill hole rock turned out to be a mini map of it's own, giving me a picture of the side of the hill (the only part of the hill you could see from this rock) and the drill hole told me where to look within that section of the hill for the next clue, which was the round stone with the one straight edge. So the carved map I was working lead me to another mini map within the trail which was meant to throw you off of the trail, since you wouldn't be expecting another map within the map.
Once I figured this out, found the second rock and followed the straight edge of that rock I was back on the trail and went right to the next clue, kicking myself in the ass all the way!

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