Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annual meeting

Just a quick note to remind everybody that this years get together is just a short two weeks away. I'll be bringing a few things for some show and tell, as well as a number of autographed and rare books that I will have for sale. Everyone is welcome to bring their items as well. This is going to be a great get together. Hope to see you there.

The meeting will start around 10:00am and will be at the Opera House located at 127 W Main St. in Marlow Oklahoma. Just look for the Mercantile Building on main street. You can't miss it. From Hwy 81 go east one block on Main Street. Since you guys are treasure hunters I'm going on faith that you will be able to find Marlow on the map. Clear the calendar and program the Tom Toms.

Lunch will be just across the street at Giuseppe's. They have some really good Italian food. It's always a treat when I get the chance to dine there. Marlow and Duncan which is just a few miles south offer some interesting sites to see.

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