Monday, May 11, 2009

More from Comanche, Oklahoma

Besides the Spanish settlement, the arrastra and the possibility of a ton or so of gold and silver being hidden near Comanche, Oklahoma there are other possibilities of treasure to be found in the area.

Around the area of Comanche and Comanche Lake there have been several things found over the years. A solid silver statue was found “in a washout in Lost Canyon”. The statue apparently became known as the “Silver Doll”.

A little while later several silver bells were discovered in Lost Canyon also. Is it just me, because if the canyon is “lost” then how did they know where they were when they found the silver bells? Lost Canyon is supposed to be located about three miles east of Comanche Lake.

Also found in the area around Comanche was a small box containing Spanish coins. This box was accidentally plowed up by a farmer working his field one day. There were several “lead wedges” reportedly found about one mile southeast of Comanche Lake.

I have recently been told by one of our readers, a man in a position to know, that there were some lead plates found in the area around Comanche, Oklahoma. The plates had etchings or carvings on them telling about 424 Moffat gold ingots. I’m not sure if the lead plates and the lead wedges are the same thing but it would probably be worth investigating.

Another one of our readers supplied some additional information about the markings to the Spanish gold. Apparently the man that owned that land got tired of treasure hunters sneaking onto his property looking for the treasure so he bulldozed all of the carvings away. I guess it’s just me but I think I would have found a different way of keeping people away, maybe like digging up the treasure myself!

Maybe one of these days I can get permission to post a photo of one of the lead plates.

With all of this stuff being found around Comanche and Comanche Lake, it begs the question, what else could be out there? Are there other clues that no one has found or reported? Are the gold Moffat ingots mentioned on the lead plates hidden around Comanche? Could there be more boxes of Spanish coins buried in the prairie? How come we’re not all moving to Comanche, Oklahoma??

Did I mention how close Comanche was to Marlow? See you all June 13th!

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Anonymous said...

I have recently acquired a large tract of land in this area on Mud Creek (almost exactly). I have seen markings on huge rocks and some strange rock formations (piles). Im just learning of the "silver doll" story and I am interested in learning more.