Saturday, May 23, 2009

Modern day treasure found in Ohio

This information comes to us from one of our faithful readers. Thanks again Homer!

Have you ever wanted to search for sunken treasure but didn’t really want to go to the ocean? This article is about one of the many ways that treasures become lost treasures that could be found one day.

In Columbus, Ohio a home robbery took place during December 2007 that netted the lucky, or maybe not so lucky, bandits a treasure of gold, jewelry and other items valued at two million dollars!

Why were the thieves unlucky? Well to start with, they were thieves and although they got away for awhile they apparently weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer because they were caught and convicted, six of them in total. Another reason why they weren’t so unlucky? The gold and jewels that they stole were apparently rare enough that they couldn’t sell them without someone knowing where they came from since there was a big media blitz about the robbery and the stolen items, giving the thieves more publicity than they bargained for.

This would have to suck for the home owners since the media prominently displayed their name and told everyone that the two million dollars of stuff was uninsured! I think the jury is still out on why the home owners had two million dollars of gold and jewelry that was uninsured. They may not have been any smarter than the thieves.

OK, back to the treasure. After about a year and a half one of the thieves finally gave up some information about where some of the ill-gotten loot was. According to the thief, several of them got scared because of the media attention and realized they wouldn’t be able to sell a lot of the things they stole. Being the brain trust that they are, they tossed a lot of the jewelry in the Scioto River.

Police divers began searching the river, at an undisclosed spot, two days ago and have already recovered $22,000 dollars worth of valuables including a Rolex watch valued at $16,000. The police said the Rolex was still running, I guess you get something for your sixteen thousand dollars!

The police say they are still searching for an additional $800,000 worth of property that was taken during the robbery and that they have no clue where to look. Do you think someone would get suspicious if you were walking around in the river with a metal detector?

Treasure is everywhere. Maybe in 100 years some lucky future treasure hunter will stumble upon the hiding spot of some of this present day treasure. Just think about how much treasure from the past like this is still out there somewhere for one of us to find.

Have you checked the batteries in your detector lately?

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Anonymous said...

Intriguing post. Here is an article about the burglary itself.

You will notice that there are two very valuable silver dollars among the uninsured stolen items. Their reported value is close to the amount that remains unrecovered by the police divers. I wonder if this is the rest of the treasure?