Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clues with double meanings

On some trails that you work you will find a clue (or two) that might have a double meaning. The meanings can be anything because it depends on who made the clue and what information they were trying to impart. I guess I should point out that you can run into clues that may have more than just two meanings and might give you several pieces of information.

In the case of two of the photos I have posted with this article this clue was meant to be an eye catcher and give information about the “hole”. Besides being an eye catcher this clue showed a miniature of what I was looking for and gave the direction to travel to find the hole.

Both of these photos are of the same clue, just at a little different angle and distance and different time of the day. You can see how the drill hole made a large black dot in the side of this ravine. This made it very easy to find the drill hole as long as you had some idea the clue was supposed to be there. There was a clue about 65 feet before this one telling you to look for something along the side of the ravine. The drill hole was drilled into the north east side of the hill so that it would make a shadow “dot” through most of the day.
This drill hole is three and one half inches in diameter and sixteen and one half inches deep. The actual hole that this pointed to was sixteen and one half FEET deep. By traveling the direction that would take you into the drill hole you went over the top of the ravine and into a second ravine and the money hole was in that ravine directly opposite of where the drill hole was. The drill hole was on the northeast side of a ravine and the actual money hole was on the southwest side. Had you continued through the second ravine you would have walked over the hole. Just in case you were wondering, there was a third marker on the edge of the second ravine that said there was a hole and pointed directly to where the hole was.
The third photograph shows that clue. This was very small and on the edge of the ravine in a rock that was protruding from the edge of the ravine. The small drill hole (approximately one inch in diameter) in this particular case says there is a “hole” and if you followed the right side of the V cut in this rock it pointed directly at the money hole. If you followed the line the only place you could go was into the side of the ravine where the money hole was. There was nothing to indicate that you should climb up or out of the ravine. The money hole was approximately 12 feet from this clue.

Keep in mind that clues can and in most cases will be different from one site to another. Even if you have the same clue at two sites they may need to be interpreted differently. Hopefully this article won’t confuse anyone (too much).

This information is just meant to show you how things have worked for me and what you might consider when you are on your own site. Keep it simple, keep it logical and think in pictures, not words.

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