Saturday, August 21, 2010

Central Tire Inflation

For those desert rat, rock crawling, mud bogging treasure hunters we've found a really helpful new tool for you. Central tire inflation will give you added traction and reduce bruising and cutting of the tires. While mainly for commercial use these systems can be adapted for 4x4 vehicles. There are two companies with cti systems on the market. By far the better quality and lower priced one can be found at or you can e-mail Dan Little at for more information. He is the exclusive dealer for the U.S. There are plenty more benefits to be had using these systems and if you have one already in use please leave a comment as I would like to hear more about them. I've seen videos of how these systems can help but I'd love to hear from actual owners. As always we are looking for  helpful tools and gadgets to aid treasure hunters. If you happen to manufacture or sell such items we would be more than happy to test them out for you and give an honest review. Hint, Hint!

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