Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ebay Treasures

Do you have a hankering to own a piece of history? Well if you buy into the theory that Jesse James lived and died in Texas  Ebay has just the thing for you. For a cool $1,000,000 each you can own a either a treasure map  or  an old tin type photo of "Jesse James" .

I might be one of the few who actually believe Jesse was killed in 1882. There hasn't been enough verified information to surface to prove otherwise in my humble opinion. I know of at least four families who claim Jesse James faked his death and that they are direct descendants. None of these families are related to one another as far as I know.

While I might have my own reservations about these items being of Jesse James origin I have taken a look at the treasure map and believe that it is a copy of a real treasure map, of course the only problem with a treasure map is that you never know if the gold is still there.

If by chance you do have an extra million bucks burning a hole in your pocket contact me and I can arrange for an authentic treasure hunt or two.

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parker said...

Count me in on one of the few! I would like to see the original map. If I could find the silver then surely I could find the Gold!

The $4.95 shipping seems kind of paltry!

You Guys amaze me at wealth of information and interesting stories you have at hand! Thanks for sharing!!