Saturday, August 14, 2010

That face!

I guess James isn't the only squinty eyed pressure cooker of treasure secrets!

Based on what we have found so far this face is most likely Spanish in origin and is telling you to look "this way". It's my opinion based on how the face is made, with one eye appearing to be closed as if it is aiming or sighting down a line, that is is telling you to do just that. There is another marker very close to this one that gives you a fairly precise line to sight along.

This particular marker is classic in it's Spanish design since it is using some shadow to highlight the features of the face like the two eyes and nose. As a general rule these types of shadows will appear or show how the marker was designed to look between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Keep in mind the Spanish did not use daylight savings time.

As another general rule, a marker such as this face is only designed to be recognizable from one direction so you have to be following a marked trail to see it as it was intended to be seen. Or you could just wonder around the countryside until you come across something like this and then follow it to the next marker. Trust me, I am speaking from experience, it happens more often than you think!

I guess the face could just be looking for the group of treasure hunters that are coming to the annual meeting  at the Jesse James Museum in Cement, OK. in September.

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parker said...

Sure would like to talk with the old Spaniard that carved that face! But visiting and talking with the Treasure Hunters in Cement will be a treat to!