Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cocos Island

After posting the article about the treasure hunters going to Cocos Island we received an e-mail from on of them. I decided to post the e-mail for our readers.


> I stumbled upon your blog while doing a little bit more research about Cocos Island, and I see that you mentioned our little story.
> I thought you might like to know that the photograph does not do Mike justice, he does like the odd tipple but is certainly not the type to slaughter the crew and make a run for it!

> And to be honest, we're not too concerned about the trustworthiness of the Cost Rican government. In the first place, we realise that there is only the tiniest chance of finding anything, and secondly the authorities have been very helpful and if they simply allow us to carry out our search on the island we'll be happy. It's not about making it rich, just enjoying the adventure - and maybe a realistic trial of our "eco-friendly" treasure hunting tools.

> Best wishes

> Shaun Whitehead BEng CEng FIMechE

> Scoutek Ltd

They seem to have the right idea about treasure hunting, it's about "enjoying the adventure" more than it is about getting rich. This is something all treasure hunters should feel.

I hope Mr. Whitehead is right about Mike Munrow, we wouldn't want to read in the news about a new "pirate". LOL Just kidding! Really! I've been told that my sense of humor is a little "different" so I hope Mr. Munrow didn't take offfense at my pirate comment in the first post.

We wish these intrepid treasure hunters nothing but the best in their endeavor to search for, and hopefully recover some treasure. We will watch for any updates in the news about this expedition and hopefully they will contact us again when they get back. It would be interesting to know how well the new treasure hunting tools performed.

These new tools may be something treasure hunters all over will be interested in.


parker said...

The e-mail was most appropriate. Nothing wrong with a little tipple. I'm glad they find no problem with the Costa Rican Gov.

I would hope they would have a little more confidence in their endeavor. We all just enjoy the adventure but how many have the bucks this one costs?

Best of luck to these guys, and please let us know how the "eco-friendly tools performed!

jimbo said...

Good luck to the team. My great uncle, Aurthur Max Stanton, also hunted for the Cocos Island treasure in the 1930's. Weather he found anything is still a matter of debate.