Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pirate treasure in Maine

That’s right, I said pirate treasure, Arrrrrrrg!!

Washington County, Maine may hold one of the greatest pirate treasures ever hidden in the United States. This one was put together by to pirates who were partners in crime, Samuel “Black” Bellamy and Paulsgrave Williams.

These two pirates had such a prosperous outfit that during 1716 they built their own place to refit their ships. Along the Machias River near where present day Highway 1-A crosses the river in Machias Township these two pirates constructed their own town and several fortifications that were located on both sides of the river.

While having the town and fortifications built the two decided it would be a good idea to also build a vault to store their plunder in. The vault was built underground near the fort on one side of the river. It is supposed to be a complex underground structure that they hoped would prove difficult to find and get in to by anyone but them.

The inventory of this vault is said to be 180 fifty pound bags of gold, a large “store of gold ingots”, silver coins, jewels and ivory. Some of this treasure was supposed to have come from the captured ship “Whidah”.
Did the pirates come back for their loot and leave an empty vault behind? History says the swashbuckling pair and their crew were all killed during a storm that sank both of their ships.
If you’re still not sure the vault may still be there untouched by it’s original owners you might keep this in mind, back in the 1960’s treasure hunters dug up an iron kettle filled with treasure on the banks of the Machias River at Simpson Island where Black Bellamy and his partner had their fort and stockade.

Now grab your swords, eye patches and shovels and see what you can find! OK, I guess you could probably leave the swords and eye patches at home.


Anonymous said...

Makes me curious!

maren said...

are there any articles written about the 1960's samuel bellamy treasure find on simpson island

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong but the treasure described was already found off the cost of cape cod. Bellamy's ship sank there and was found in 1984. I truly want there to be a hidden vault in Machias but all that loot is off the cost of cape cod. Please tell me I am wrong.

Cyrus Greenbrier said...

The pot of treasure wasn't found on Simpson Island. The river frontage of the island is not banked but tall granite cliffs along the river and is all private property. The pot was found "at" as in near the island along the actual bank of the river slightly upstream and opposite the island.