Friday, December 31, 2010

The Dodge

Man, I’ll say! I doubt that Bob Brewer realized he would be coining the one phrase that aptly describes the show he was on. I also can’t believe that once again, I and others that are looking for the truth got hosed by the History Channel!

What is it with these guys (and gals) at the History Channel? When it comes to treasure hunting, especially something that allegedly involves the Knights of the Golden Circle, they seem to put the blinders on and ignore all the common sense in the world. Maybe it really is a conspiracy!!
I know, I can hear all of the big believers in the KGC mega bucks treasures now, “you’re just a sore loser”, “Brewer just proved on national television that he can read KGC treasure signs”, on a show I promoted even. Yea, yea, yea. Now, lets get back to reality can we?

I promised a friend of mine that when writing my review of the show that I would be kind. I intend to keep that promise but I am not going to ignore the obvious like the TV show did.

My observations won’t please some, will amuse others and hopefully, just hopefully will get many others to think and research before heading off to find the alleged KGC treasures.

First off, the show took a big leap of faith saying that Mr. Brewer was following “KGC treasure signs”. What signs are those? I wasn’t aware the KGC published a book saying “these are our signs”. Secondly, nobody even asked the question about the rest of the KGC treasures Mr. Brewer said existed “all over the United States” nor did they question the ability of the KGC to even do such a thing.

OK, lets get down to brass tacks here. A gazebo?? Come on, really? The KGC used a gazebo in a cemetery as a clue to hidden millions? The first question that comes to mind is; just when was that gazebo built? Was it there in the 1860’s so the KGC could use it as a clue? The second question is; a gazebo? Really??

And let’s not forget the infamous template. Lay that baby down on top of the cemetery map and presto, you have a KGC treasure layout. All be it one that spans EIGHTEEN MILES! Then there is the “dodge” as pointed out by Mr. Brewer, clues that aren’t clues but actually are clues because you find them with the template but then they don’t mean anything because they are trying to trick you into quitting so that you don’t search the whole 18 miles and find all of their clues that don’t really take you anywhere. Did I get that right?

About those Holly trees, according the Journal of Forest Research the average life of a Holly tree is 100 years and the maximum life of a Holly tree is 150 years. This means that the trees with the alleged carvings on them, and I say alleged because I’m not so sure about that “ghost” or even the dots for that matter, were, at the most, just twigs in the ground at the time the Confederate treasury went missing. This is being really generous since both of the trees shown would have to have lived the maximum life of the species. How do you carve an H or a ghost or an 8 or even the dots on a twig smaller than the circumference of your little finger?

Don’t even get me started with the “ghost” carving. I’m not sure that was a carving and if it was, you’re looking for a grave? In a cemetery? Imagine that!
I can’t really fault Mr. Brewer too much for this stuff. He truly believes in what he is doing and saying. You have to give him and Mr. London credit for sticking to their guns. But what happened to Brad Meltzer’s people? They just kind of rolled over and let this stuff pass right by without saying a word. What happened to investigating history and it’s conspiracies?
Maybe Brewer is a KGC sentinel, maybe he’s the head KGC guy and is out there spreading misinformation as much as possible and is using his vast conspiratorial connections to apply pressure to the History Channel to forgo any semblance of logic, knowledge or investigative skills.

What a disappointment. Am I a sore loser? I guess in a way I am. I thought this show had a pretty good reputation of asking questions, even some tough questions but they just let this one go by and didn’t even try. Maybe I’m not so much a sore loser as I am a sucker for thinking the History Channel had changed.
As for the Confederate treasury, I think at least part of it is still out there to be found. I especially think the silver is hidden somewhere simply because of the weight factor. It was too much to carry and the silver was worth the least amount at the time so it makes sense that they would hide it to retrieve later. I’m sure part of the gold is still hidden somewhere just waiting to be found but I also think the majority of it is long gone, scattered to the winds by people who had access to it before it had a chance to be a buried treasure.


Anonymous said...

Wow 18 Square Miles?!
Well maybe...

Gazebo for a center of Template?
Well maybe...however there is one
in Dallas that would be more realistic. It is the Confederate Cemetery. It has a Pointed monument in the center of a huge circle. Around this circle is Pair Trees at each time of a clock. The grave yard is off to the West of this circle. This was surrounded by Confederate Officer Housing during that war and now is a run down area of Dallas. There are all kinds of old trees with signs on them(Hoot Owl, etc.) and caches have been found in the past in the surrounding area.
Maybe they need to come here and put that template over this grave site cause it could go all the way to Jerry Jones's "Death Star" or better known as Cowboy Stadium. Lots of $$ there.
Sure must be some money in being a consultant to TV show on Discovery Channel.

Kevin T. Lett said...

The part that got me is that the cemetery map was the exact scale that the template key was made for...what great luck! (Yeah right!)