Thursday, December 30, 2010

History Show & Rebel Gold

To say that I'm more than a little disappointed in the History Channel show would be an understatement. I'll leave it to Ron to post a full article about it though. For those who do buy into what the show has to say Mr. Brewer has given you plenty of clues to start working it. First request your own copy of the cemetery map. Freeze frame the portion of the show where he had his template layed out on it. Use this to make your own exact copy of the template, holes and all. It's easy to do with all the reference points the template laying on the map will give you. Use the gazebo as the center of the layout. You might want to get some old topo maps from at least an 18 mile area around the cemetery. Start matching up the template points. Bob said 99.8% of the points won't have any money though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was amazed that Bob B. made treasure hunting look so darn easy!

Must be the KGC bloodline he claims to have in his family tree, which by the way has NEVER been confirmed because, well it can't be!

Truth be told we ALL probably have someone in our family tree that was KGC! Does that make us all Sentinels??

By the way, just how old is that Gazebo??? How old is the Holly tree??? Did this appear staged at all to you???

If you've ever attempted to hunt, you know clues are very difficult to find and it is extremely easy to create clues out of nothing. It looks like ol Bob did exactly that!

I'm not saying he hasn't found some great stuff, it's just he is not telling us if he found it using his magic TEMPLATE or if he just got LUCKY.

To be a GREAT hunter do the research first and don't believe everything you hear.

Bob if you were a TRUE SENTINEL you wouldn't be going on national television and discussing KGC treasure.