Saturday, December 15, 2007

Black Book

Jesse James Was One of His Names, aka the "Black Book", is considered the bible among some treasure hunters. In this book is a list of treasures in code from A to G. This list is long and impressive, but I have found that certain treasures are just repeats using different parts of the same map. How do I know this? I know which maps Joe Hunter had in his possesion and which ones were used in making of this list. You have to remember Joe and J Frank had meetings before Dalton went public with his "true" identity.
With some research you can find other treasures in this list being mentioned many years before the black book was written. It wouldn't be hard to make the assumption that this list is nothing more than treasure stories Hauk had accumulated in his travels with Dalton, but a number of treasures in this list are real and Dalton, Hauk, nor Hunter ever recovered them. With this being said, you can find lists of treasures in any number of books that are based upon real caches.
I'd like to know if Joe ever showed Dalton the Copper Map? I can't find any proof that he did. I'm sure if Joe had there would have been mention of it in the black book list. What an intriguing map it has been. Maybe sometime in the future I will post more about this map.

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