Friday, December 28, 2007

Rocks and Trees

Have you ever stumbled across a rock or tree that looks like a treasure sign, but doesn't fit any known site? What you might have is a survey marker. In times past surveyors would use trees as witness corners and sandstone or rocks as markers along the survey lines. Fortunately for us meticulous records were kept, so while researching a cache area I will also look at these old records. In many instances they will describe the size and shape of rock they use for a marker or the location of the witness corner. Many hours chasing false leads can be saved by just a few minutes of research.

The BLM-GLO link listed on this blog site will allow you to search the records online, and if you are hunting in Oklahoma the Department of Libraries can send copies of plats and written records for a small fee. These are extremely useful tools for research.

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