Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jesse James and his two million

J Frank Dobie told of the two million in his book " Coronado's Children". His source was a man named Pete Givers. This story is somewhat different than what Steve Wilson tells in "Oklahoma Treasures and Treasure tales". What they both have in common is Cache Creek. Dobie hints at it being hidden in the creek along the road from Ft. Sill to the Keechi Hills (located in Caddo County not Comanche county) and Wilson tells of crossing the creek during a blizzard and it being buried in a ravine some distance away.
There was one crossing on Cache Creek during this time and it was located just south of present day Apache Oklahoma. Now the strange thing here is that Frank moved into the area to "farm" just a few miles east of this crossing.
Wilson tells of a doctor meeting Frank on a hill and asking Frank why he just set there looking out into the vastness. There are some hills near this crossing by the way. What Frank told the doc isn't known, but it was enough for him to spend thousands in his search for the gold. The doctor did find what were assumed to be clues to the cache location. I have heard it said that this location was found near Ft. Sill, but I know that the slip used for digging out this spot was left at the location and removed a number of years ago. It would post date the time of the doctors dig.
The correct location of the doctors dig is to the east of the old crossing. There are a number of deep ravines between there and the Keech Hills. I know of the correct site, but the gold was long removed. Jesse and his gang came back at a later date and removed the 18 burro loads and made a number of smaller caches. This explains why several maps have references to jack loads of gold. The Early Morning Star Map to Gold is one of them. It shows three jack loads. That leaves 15 more that are out there. Several of these were recovered. Just how many nobody knows for sure.

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