Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Coin Roll Hunting

While sorting through my e-mail, I came across one from Treasurenet. The newsletter had an article about coin roll hunting. I have searched through rolls of coins on occasion and there have always been a few old ones to add to my collection. The tellers at the bank just love it when you go in and ask for $100 in pennies. With the weather not allowing me to get out in the field, I thought this was a great time to try it again.
I enjoy collecting half dollars, so that was the coin I decided to get. I bought all of the halves that the local bank had which amounted to 14 rolls or $140. A box of half dollar rolls is $500 and can be ordered through the bank. While that may sound like alot of money to dish out, it really isn't since you will be returning all the coins you decide not to keep.
With my Walmart sack full of coin rolls in hand I eagerly headed back to the house. The Treasurenet article tells of Barber and Walking halves being found, but that just wasn't my luck today. It was an enjoyable and profitable time, though. In the 14 rolls of half dollars I searched, I came across eight 40% silver coins, one 1987 s cameo proof, and one mint error that had the edge clipped. I'd say that's not too bad for a day's hunt. The total cost of all this fun? Nothing! All of the coins I'm not keeping go to another bank to cash in. The keepers may go on Ebay for a small profit.
Nice coins can be found in any denomination, so buy rolls of what you enjoy collecting, and go have yourself an enjoyable treasure hunt during those cold, wet days. Good luck!


OklaJay said...

Very cool idea, I'd like to try this!

Coin Roll Hunt said...

Roll Hunting is a great way for people on a limited budget to collect coins. As you mentioned the worst case scenario is that if you buy $100 worth of nickels and decide to keep 20 of them and return the rest... You still have $100

I'm in the process of putting together a website on the subject. It's located at Some of your readers might find it interesting.

TreasureFiend said...

I have had a lot of luck while CRH'ng, found everything from IH to Barber Half's and everything in between. The key to it is the more you hunt - the more you will find. My best find was an XF 1938d Walker, I thought it was just another walker so I wasn't too happy until I checked my red book!!!