Saturday, December 29, 2007


To chalk or not to chalk? That is the question. I received an e-mail once telling me how I was wrong for chalking the symbols I had found. The guy never asked if I had pictures of the symbols without chalk. He was just eager to show how much of an amateur I was.

I chalk all of the signs I come across, but only after I have taken plenty of pictures of them without chalk. I occasionally post pictures of the symbols I come across and the chalk makes them easier to see, but can hide the small details that can make all the difference in correctly working a site.

I have a really nice digital camera that I use while working in the field. The memory card will hold nearly a thousand pictures, so I can take as many pictures as I want. I not only take pictures of the symbols, but the surrounding area as well. This makes it possible to reference the topography while studying the symbols from the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend that you add a digital camera to the list of tools you use for treasure hunting. When I am out in the field I carry a camera, gps, chalk, small whisk broom, pen, paper, and a few other things I have found that come in handy.

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