Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mining the forums

Mining the forums for those treasure gems is another way of doing some armchair hunting during the cold winter days. I've heard the "professionals" talk down about the forums and those who post but, I enjoy reading and learning from what is written. While I don't agree with all that is posted, I do like the debate that different opinions bring about.
One of the best things I've found on the forums are the friends I've made. Some are beginning treasure hunters and some are very experienced. Two of my partners and good friends were made via the forums. I'm very grateful to Mark for introducing me to Ray. I would never have been this far ahead of the game if it wasn't for Ray and the help and information he has been kind enough to give me.
The numerous picures of signs and symbols found on the forums have given me ideas of what to look for in the field and reasons to look at things in a different light. Take the forums for what they are and have some fun reading and posting. Don't be afraid to express your ideas or ask questions. Ron, Roy,Ted, John, Gene, Larry, Ernest, Jay, Matt, Bud, Betty, and any whose real name I may not know, I'm glad the forums have brought you into my life as well.

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