Friday, December 14, 2007

Using the links

I started this blog not only for entertainment, but to be a tool for other treasure hunters. I have included a number of links that are helpful for doing research. For those here in Oklahoma the rootsweb link can be used to find the township and range and the blm-glo link to find the original survey plats for the area you're researching. The Chronicles of Oklahoma site is a great place and contains loads of information and a few treasure stories.
There are a number of map links and two of my favorite forum sites as well. I will continue to add links as I find them. Please feel free to send sites that you find helpful and I will take a look to see if it fits the theme of my blog. Here's a little news for those who do Masonic research. The Lodge has a cypher book, that will be coming out soon, which contains the first two letters of every word of their secret sayings.

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